Today we’re launching the 2018 New Coder Survey - an anonymous survey of thousands of people who started coding less than 5 years ago. You can take the survey here.

Last year, more than 20,000 people responded to our 2017 survey. This granted researchers and journalists an unprecedented glimpse into how people are learning to code.

We released the entire dataset of participants’ individual responses to all 48 questions - under the Open Data Common License - on a public GitHub repository.

Then something magical happened. Dozens of data scientists started exploring the data and making all kinds of discoveries. Data scientists studied the dataset and published a number of reports.

We learned a lot from the experience, and have further streamlined our survey. If you have 5 minutes, help researchers understand where you’re coming from. Take the survey.

It’s fun.

It’s completely anonymous.

All the questions are 100% optional (you can just scroll right past any questions you don’t feel like answering).

Even if you’ve already been coding for more than 5 years, you can still help by telling your friends. Share this article on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter.

Also, you can view the live survey results here. You can also see the final results from our 2017 New Coder Survey here.

Take the survey here.

Thanks for participating, and happy coding!