by Sahil Khoja

What I learned about Silicon Valley during my 12 hour stay


#1 Unless you’re a designer or a developer, the billboards are pure gibberish.

#2 If you’re not talking about tech, then you’re talking about people who talk about tech.

#3 If you see a cute sign with one word and possibly a period, its probably a design agency.


#4 Facebook is Disneyland for adults.


#5 No matter where you work, how you work, or the perks, you’re probably pulling 80 hour weeks without knowing it.

#6 If you live in Mountain View or Palo Alto, then you’re missing out on the city. If you live in San Francisco, then your rent is through the roof. The grass is always greener on the other side. Either way you’re screwed.

#7 The 101 is ugly. The 280 is beautiful. The problem is most residential areas are on the 280, whereas offices are on the 101. Again, you’re screwed.

#8 Evernote’s building is far bigger than it should be considering what most people use Evernote for.


#9 How’s your bumble life?

#10 Only in San Francisco does a cheese startup get acquired.