Are interested in web development but find yourself a bit confused by the variety of technologies and terms like React, Next.js, and Vite? Our brand new video course on the YouTube channel is here to clear up the confusion and set you on the path to building efficient and effective web applications.

This course offers detailed insights into two of the most popular tools in today’s development landscape: React and Next.js.

Ankita Kulkarni developed this course. She is a popular instructor and has helped many developers and leaders level up in their careers.

What’s Inside the Course?

This course is designed to help you understand the fundamental differences and use cases of React and Next.js. It kicks off with an introduction to what you can expect to learn, followed by a practical cheatsheet to assist you through the course materials. We also provide information about an upcoming Next.js workshop for an even deeper dive.

Core Concepts Explained

  • Library vs. Framework: Grasp the differences between these essential concepts in software development.

  • React vs. Next.js: Explore how React, a library, provides the building blocks for web interfaces, while Next.js, a framework built on React, offers a full set of tools for production-ready apps.

  • SPA vs. SSG: Understand the distinctions between Single Page Applications (SPA) and Static Site Generation (SSG), and when to use each approach for optimal performance and SEO benefits.

What is Vite?
Discover Vite, a modern frontend build tool that outpaces older tools in speed and efficiency, and see how it compares to Next.js in development workflows.

Hands-On Projects
Build your knowledge by starting new projects, exploring the tech stack involved, and creating both a React app and a Next.js app. Dive deep into Tailwind CSS, learn about customizing your routing, and see how different rendering techniques can impact your app’s performance.

Advanced Topics
The course covers advanced topics such as SEO techniques to help your applications rank better, performance optimizations including font loading strategies, and essential tips on making your app production-ready.

Interactive Learning
With sections dedicated to practical tasks like adding navigation bars, fetching data, and implementing server and client components, you’ll gain hands-on experience that goes beyond theory.

Why This Course?

Understanding when and why to use specific technologies can significantly impact the performance, scalability, and maintainability of your web applications. This course not only teaches you the "how" but also the "why" behind using React and Next.js effectively. It's filled with actionable tips, comprehensive guides on data fetching, SEO, and performance optimizations, ensuring you not only learn but also apply the knowledge effectively.

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (2-hour watch).