Sharing your knowledge can help you improve your skills and level up your career as a developer. Many developers are already doing it, and if you aren't, this article is for you.

In it, I will show you why you should share your coding expertise by looking at five extraordinary benefits.

I have always enjoyed sharing content online and helping others. But today, as a software engineer, I can tell you that it helps me even more.

Recently, I started asking myself about the benefits of doing sharing knowledge. That's how I found five reasons that will motivate you to start today.

Let’s discover them!

You'll gain a deeper understanding of what you’re learning

One of the main benefits of sharing what you know is that you will deep dive into the subjects you want to share with everyone.

This means that you will repeat your learning process in order to best write your technical content. By doing so, you strengthen your knowledge of the subject, and you may even learn something new.

For example, when I'm creating new content, I like to read similar resources before I start writing. This helps me to understand the concept better and write something more accurate and useful.

Then when I publish my content, sometimes I receive feedback that gives me better ways of solving my issue.

This happens to me often when I'm sharing articles about JavaScript, and it's super useful in my own learning process.

You’ll help others

Always remember that you're not alone! Many developers encounter the same issue as you and will benefit from your specific way of explaining that issue.

In the beginning, you might feel like you're writing only for yourself. But one day people will start finding your content and they'll learn from and enjoy it.

I recommend using an open publishing platform like Hashnode,, or Twitter if you want to get started. These have significant developer communities built around them. People there will support you and give you feedback on your content. It can be an excellent motivation to start!

And once you've done some writing, you can apply to publications like freeCodeCamp's and share your knowledge with the large community they've built as well.

One side note: even if there is plenty of content about a particular topic, please write your own article about it. There is considerable potential that your article will complete or complement what's already out there. Everyone explains things and brings value in their own way.

You’ll have fun and discover new opportunities

Creating content takes time, but it's a fun way to learn. You will improve your skills while building an audience of people with the same interests as you.

I've seen a lot of great stories from developers sharing content on Twitter. The good thing is that the Tech community is generally supportive, and everyone helps each other.

Also, building an audience, or at least sharing content online, can bring you new opportunities. For example, it can help you find and apply for a new job, create a side-project, and even more.

You’ll create a piece of knowledge for your future self

Sharing your knowledge is like writing documentation for your work. It helps others – but it also helps you! You can refer later to what you documented and shared if you can't remember how you solved a bug or issue.

As an example, I like to take notes whenever I repetitively search for something on Google. And I know that others are probably searching for the same thing.

So later, I often write an article about that search. It allows me to refer to my content when I need a reminder.

It’s very gratifying when you find your article on Google, and at the same time it helps you and others.

You should give it a try :)

You’ll be more motivated

Last but not least – creating content will help you stay motivated. Sharing your journey as a developer can help you feel like you're making progress in your learning.

I think this is the case because:

  • you will have concrete pieces of content based on what you learned, tested, and built (it helps to keep track of your progress)
  • you will help others and have their support
  • you will have fun (enjoying the process = motivation)

Ready to start?

Hopefully, this article can motivate you to start sharing your knowledge. Start today by sharing your learning journey with the community.

I have primarily written up these benefits based on my experience. I'm pretty sure you can find even more. In any case, you'll have a lot of fun getting started.

If you're interested, follow me on Twitter 🐦! I'll help you to improve your skills as a web developer.