by Maxime Coutte

Create an Arduino and Unity3D interactive experience with no latency !


Hi, I’m 16 years old and during the holidays I like to work on little projects. I grew up in a very artistic environment - my father is a painter my brothers and sisters draw, play music, compose … And me, with my best friend we wanted to have fun with our new Arduino and Unity3D, so we started working on interactive artistic experiences. But we got stuck on one big thing. If you’ve ever wanted to transmit data from Arduino to Unity3D, you know the main issue is INSANE LATENCY.

Don’t worry about Latency, wrmhl is here ⚡️

Without wrmhl (using a simple ReadLine () )

We didn't find any free, optimized, and customizable solutions to tackle this problem. So I built wmrhl. You can now connect any Arduino interface to Unity3D, and it’s completly Open Source.

You can use the default wrmhl protocol, or implement your own in a minute just by changing: wrmhl/Assets/WRMHL/Scripts/Thread/wrmhlThread_Lines.cs.

How to get started ?

just follow the guide by clicking here. Star the repo if you liked it ⭐️

Hope this is helpful! If you’re using it, would love to hear about what you’re building. Ping me at or @maximecoutte.