You can learn everything you need to know to earn the Azure Developer Certification by completing this free 13-hour course.

What is Microsoft Azure Developer Associate?

The Microsoft Azure Developer Associate (commonly known as the AZ-204) is a Microsoft Azure certification focused on building web-applications on-top of Azure cloud services.

The Azure Developer strongly compliments the Azure Administrator (Az-104) and is often the certification that people will proceed to next before proceeding to professional certifications.

Microsoft Azure is different from other Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in that it relies more on its developers tools to interact with services and in many cases there is not Graphical User Interface (GUI) so you must interact with the API directly.

Completing the Azure Developer along with the Azure Administrator will provide the well-rounded knowledge Engineers will require to best utilize Azure.

The Azure Developer and Azure Administrator generally lead into the Expert certifications.


Who is Microsoft Azure Associate Certification for?

This Azure certification is suited for the following scenarios:

  • You are web-application developer looking to pick up cloud-skills or transition to a cloud developer role
  • You are a cloud-developer or cloud-engineer who needs to integrate Azure services into your application or deploy your application to Azure.
  • You need to learn a lot about Azure Functions to build serverless workloads

Overview of the Azure Developer Associate

The Azure Developer covers the following:

  • Multiple ways to deploy of Web-Applications to Azure
  • A deep dive into Azure Functions
  • A broad look into Application Integration services
  • Lots of hands-on with Azure CLIs and SDKs to programmatic interact with Azure services

How do you get Certified?

You can get the certification by paying the exam fee and sitting for the exam at a test center partnered with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is partnered with Pearson Vue and PSI Online who have a network of test centers around the world. They provide both in-person and online exams. If you have the opportunity, I recommend that you take the exam in-person.

Microsoft has a portal page on Pearsue Vue where you can register and book your exam.

That exam fee is $165 USD.

Can I simply watch the videos and pass the exam?

No, Azure Certifications are challenges because the exams are designed to test your practical knowledge. So it's important to get perform all the Azure labs within your own Azure account.

Its strongly recommended to utilize practice exams before sitting the real exam.

ExamPro has multiple paid practice exams along with other study materials to increase your chances of passing.

Head on over to freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel to start working through the full 13.5 hour course.