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Best Gitter channels on: Ruby

Ruby is a general purpose programming language created in the 1990s by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. It’s also considered one of the best languages to start with when you’re first learning to code. We have lots of channels dedicated to Ruby-related projects on Gitter, both for advanced developers and beginners. Check them out!

  • rails/rails — General chat around Ruby on Rails.
  • voltrb/volt — Volt is a reactive web framework where your Ruby runs on both server and client.
  • opal/opal — Opal is a Ruby to Javascript compiler. It is source-to-source, making it fast as a runtime. Opal includes a compiler (which can be run in any browser), a corelib and runtime implementation.
  • hanami/chatHanami is a modern web framework for Ruby.
  • jekyll/jekyll — Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby.
  • aws/aws-sdk-ruby — The official AWS SDK for Ruby.
  • refinery/refinerycms — Refinery CMS is an extendable Ruby on Rails CMS that supports Rails 4.2.
  • rubinius/rubinius — Rubinius is a modern language platform that supports a number of programming languages. Rubinius includes a bytecode virtual machine, generational garbage collector, and just-in-time (JIT) native machine code compiler. Rubinius provides concurrency support via native OS threads with no global interpreter lock.
  • dev-ua/ruby-ua — Ukrainian developers chat dedicated to Ruby.
  • bbatsov/rubocop — Rubocop is a robust static Ruby code analyzer, based on the community Ruby style guide.
  • puma/puma Puma is a ruby web server built for concurrency.
  • cucumber/cucumber-rubyCucumber is a tool for running automated tests written in plain language.
  • mruby/mruby — mruby is the lightweight implementation of the Ruby language complying to (part of) the ISO standard. Its syntax is Ruby 1.9 compatible.
  • mperham/sidekiq Sidekiq is simple, efficient background processing for Ruby.
  • rebelidealist/stripe-ruby-mock A mocking library for testing stripe ruby.
  • trailblazer/chatTrailblazer gives you a high-level architecture for web applications.
  • dry-rb/chatdry-rb is a collection of next-generation Ruby libraries, each intended to encapsulate a common task.

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