More than half of people worldwide access the internet using mobile devices instead of desktop computers. And if you only have a mobile device, you can still learn to code!

We just published a tutorial on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to code on an Android phone.

Precious Oladele developed this course. He has written a bunch of popular articles about programming on mobile phones.

In this tutorial you will learn about apps and tools you can use to code on an Android device.

You will also get a preview of the new freeCodeCamp mobile app.

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (1-hour watch).

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More than half the people in the world access the internet on mobile devices instead of desktop computers.

And if you just have mobile device you can still learn to code.

In this tutorial, you will learn about apps and resources you can use to code on an Android device.

So Heidi, welcome to this tutorial on Deaf sad.

Alright, so this is my first time on Free Code Camp here.

So making this tutorial on how to code or phone right so this tutorial is basically for those that are avid system or for builds our system and is willing to, you know, continue no one wants to like out so they are not in contact with your laptop or your personal computer.

And they want to just work on go.

Alright, so this is actually for you.

So this is where I am going to be looking at how are you going to get started putting on your phone, the tools are going to be laid on your phone and we're gonna look at how you can actually poor Python, you're gonna actually code in Python on our phone.

Alright, so without further ado, let's dive into it.

Okay, good.

So the first thing you're gonna be looking at is that alright, so I have this phone is a low spec, is it going to be able to walk for I need? Yeah, I just want to tell you, you don't need to jailbreak your phone.

You don't need to root your phone, you don't need to do anything.

You just use your phone of course, I'm going to show you my phone actually.

So I'm actually good.

So my phone you can see I'm using like my spark FIFPro which is just silly gigwalk As it's forgive XPS and downs and within.

So you can say to anyone who does no matter even though your phone is to get around you can see continuities and the Alton is that this is actually supported on all the Android devices have not used the highways Ajdabiya by us hold up, explored more on how they can make use of iOS.

Alright, so without further ado, let's dive into needs.

Alright, so the first thing we need to look at his own.

Yeah, so before we actually dive into it, I am precious La Jolla from Nigeria.

I'm a back end developer, I build games and application admin spare time.

Yeah, I'm an aspiring machine learning engineer.

I'm also an ad Buddhist published, Cardinal fanatical on Free Code Camp.

So I have an article on running Python Free Code Camp and also running a lot of a fake account.

On your phone.

I mean, sorry, I can so without actually any further delay, just type into it.

Alright, so it's a difficult hub, you can just visit the CCO club, you want to learn to just read and learn since you want to.

So let's get right into it.

Is it possible to code or for? Sorry, is it possible to code on an Android phone? Alright, so yes, you can see the answer is what Yes, you can do programming in phone, you just need to install some app, which lets you do so you can also try the online compiler from Google Play Store as it supersedes the C++.

So this iterator first we're going to be looking at his work with online compilers.

So let's go and search for like compilers.

Like compilers.

So we add these.

This is a C or like compiler.

Yeah, I don't know how to write C, I don't write C programming language point.

This is the C compiler where you can actually just run your C, C code here you can see the I suppose it's a lowered? Okay, so this is actually the one we we actually work with, I think is this ID or ID


So let's go ahead and check this out.

So we were on user ID

You can see this as a Java server, I think we should be able to change our programming language.

Exactly how you can do so you can program language, two to three beats Python 2.3.

So embarrassed with poetry Akash baby to go ahead and do the small town print.


What I was just able to run this, you should have seen is actually running I can see the outputs.

You have to generate the hello world.

So this is how you can run your store.

This is a one way around applications.


And you're thinking about oh, yeah, I don't want to do Python.

I want to focus on web development.

I want to run HTML CSS on my phone.

Am I going to do that? Yeah, we can go ahead and just go ahead and search for maybe three schools.

Try it.

So yeah, we tried that it offered arbitrary schools.

Yes, you can just go ahead and do h1 Sorry.

Yeah, I need dessert is about is it Those who have told him very well like work on your mobile phone, you need to switch like I think extra portfolio actually worked very well.

He was gonna switch to desktop mode.

Alright, so I think he had that.

So we can go ahead and let's try and close this out.

So we want to do h1 lowered so why don't close the h1 usual run this I guess we have hello world.

So this is another way you can run your stuff you can write your CSS also.

Alright, good.

And the idea of Shaunda for this is you can use code pen.

So Korpela lets you write code to write pose and is basically beautiful for 10 engineers, for the developers use and write to react CSS view, and imperative you want to do so your HTML CSS, this is the right place where you're ready to actually dive into.

Once again, you can just go right click on start coding, they got to be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, we have the results page.

So why right here? It's actually what's going to be results.

So let's try and do h6.

By you guys, it's auto loads by itself.

Sweet auto, you don't need to click on the wrong button for it to load.

Or we don't need to set to it say to be dekstop mode.

They got to meet up at six, which is the smallest of all right, beautiful.

So we've actually covered how we can run this online.

Now let's go ahead and look at how we actually run his talks on our phone.

Yeah, so let's Alright, not that everything I just listed is you can actually access it also, on your laptop, if you have a laptop, you can go ahead and use the online compiler several One, two.

All right, so I'm just recommending that for people that want to use for using your phone can't actually what we're trying to do.

I can't wait, I use the online compiler.


So we want to realize where to open the Play Store.

So this is Google Play Store.

So the first you want to do is always clear and download an application called writer and writer.

So I am writing installed already selenium squared, I did this because this is not going to lead to I think I have a sword already.

So make sure you install this will Once that is installed is going to opening up.

So this is our writer.


All right, OS takes formatting for almost program, a programming language.

Let's see this is actually jQuery in this place.

Okay, this is jQuery.

It's asked for PHP tags for JavaScript, HTML.

Right? So So you receive copy, paste, because we have this URL path here.

We have the cell per se, C acronym.

On power to code.

Plus, we have the VRP.

Corruption does everything h1 to h6, adapt every solid html5 template, and boom, you have this, you can go ahead and do a lot.

So let's click on the play box in this play button right under here.

flavors in case you can see bluebird saying I'm just gonna bring up my brush.

Yeah, so this blue box here.

So you know, go ahead and click on that.

So run our code.

And you also want to save your code, per word and click on this, save what's here.

So click on that.

So what that is, as you can see, it has, it doesn't automatically which is known in that HTML of everywhere in our name this so at once they say index dot HTML selector paths, or create a new directory.

So this is going to save it and displace, can see the ads the full version, which is known as PHP.

And also you can see it supports PHP and SQL auto completion support.

So it is your choice to even want to actually get the full version.

But the free version is actually good to work with or slash Randy's a reward.

So we can go ahead and do they can do we can go ahead and do Yeah, we're going to JavaScript.

So let's do scripts.



So let's get our clues.

Again, these are the closing dots body for us.

So there's closure script ourself, as it is formatted.

You can see we have a lot of vs.


So it's all you also add CSS, right so you can learn it so I'm not very good at CSS and you But can develop Polish try sorry, leads to body bark Ron, I think is bourbon color should we read less quite close textile, sir because on this now you can see we have this, you can see the table format and our our CSS force.

So you can do color should be what whites run the cacr.

So we have a case.

So go ahead and save this.

Now there's our app now, you're gonna be taking produce electronic billboards a little, a little bit like Visual Studio code.

If you want an app developer look like Visual Studio code, the URL to go ahead and download this particular application hard tray edits.

So distributed says we are going to download so you have that installed already.

So let's go ahead and open it up.

Distributed try to Gemini looks almost exactly like Visual Studio code.

It's like mix them in and they do which has to go to your phone, we are going to clip on XP.

So you see this video we have what is the source code can also learn how to code that when I click on stack space, then text editor me because we have every time he needs to know it's gonna close as far as as far as when I was teaching students how to code often.

Yes, you can see we have our open file.

This is a workspace here, HTML CFF.

So I'm just going to open up a file year system open this file.

So this was actually I was actually explaining dimensions CSS to an eight year old kid using phone because he doesn't have a laptop.

So the purpose of making all this arise.

So encourage people to actually get into tech, now be able to just use what you have.

So this is a so I'll go ahead and just click on display boards.

So display boards here.

Alright, so click on the play button.

Now this is actually this is actually it.

This is also opposite.

So if I refresh, or at least the version later to check responsiveness, you can open it is your device browser.

So this file, we are going to load it into the world's developer browser.

Because he said he said it copy records by force less based on see in some cases on worksheets, but it just based on the app itself.

So they talk so let me just type.


Let's like try these bots.

Yeah, it's not as easy as this was designed so we can actually assess its bots, you can make sure you because if the up to just one was, we used to have console.

So our cause was I, I clicked on this.

So that's gonna be legit JavaScript console for you.

So we can go ahead and do console dot log.


Alright, so you can see we have console log, yes, I think click on the play.

So you have to click on this play button.

Okay, so click on the play button.

So we also have Suica also have console.

That error, yeah, it is going to work.

Let's check it off.


And let's click Complete, I can see our error.

So this is actually the server script console.

We can make use of the JavaScript console in this case.

Alright, so it's as simple.

So I recommend you using this app.

Actually, this actually saves way, as we can see from the stock mode to form mode.

So this text up module, and is a phone module.

Alright, good.

So we actually see now to run HTML, CSS or JavaScript on a phone.

Let's look at how we can actually learn how to run Python on foot.

So I wrote this article on writing Python ofall, or accelerating Chango.

And I made use of sunsweet called python three.

So you can go over to to Freako camp or look for PI droid.

So Python is a Python.

Um, it's a Python kind of stuff that allows you to run Python on your phone.

So it's like, like is an embedded system of bytes on our application generate that allows you to run Python on your phone.

So this is all going to work away.

So let's head over to pray.

So at the store, pi dot three So I have it installed already.

So you can go ahead and install PI directory.

Let's open it up.

So this is what we have here.

So we have a terminal acidity premium one.

So the Pima one allows you to because of TensorFlow and what am I learning stuff? I want to use bots economy just because of World War Two, we have seminar we can get on point.

I don't know what.

I'm sorry, I made a mistake.

So let's wait.

And lo what? We should run this unexpected word.

Unexpected word.


I don't know why this is given.


Because we are trying we actually try to run from the terminal.


Does it actually work? So we need to have to write our code.


A low one.

So let's run the second so we have a new word with the F.

So this is it.

This is only going to be starting our Python tutorial phone.

Right assume next time Alice died.

So the last time we lived, we actually run our Hello World code.

So which is is very good.

So let's burn a CD.

So to say this, we can work under us click on this button or area.

So there's gonna click on these, say click on save, right.

So click on internal storage, I'm gonna create a new story J.

I call this pi toots.

So there's Python storia.

But our slides please for the save this is my elbow watch that pie.

So he said what a pipe that has been done.

So we've learnt how to quit an award in Python.

So let's look at all the things so these points can accept a string.

So a string is basically is a lower digit language of sets of characters set of alphabets.

So this is a string the string is just this will be some type.

And always know that a string is called is a quoted either with a double quotes this or with a single port's IDs.

As you can see, I use a single port, it doesn't matter if you're using double quotes, or using single quotes.

Alright, so Ileana prints can also sexing integers.

So as you go, I know 2.5 Because I have five.

Yeah, so let's wait for the sides.

Yeah, they can print integer, we can also print the ball.

So bowling also played a floating number, foot number on the council, check the types.

Let's go ahead and check our type server sugar and blue pin type.

So if you run this, like I said, we class of strings, right, and you know that the Alawar is a string, like I said, it's the set of alphabets many to the string.

So we have point five, there's going to be type O five is going to give us a class of INTZ.

In so Ns is actually integer.

So we'll go ahead and do type type of 51.6 because it is a float.

So float is a decimal number is a decimal number.

The last one we can do is on print type of true.

Is a true? Yeah, so true is not defined I think is Catalina see.


Which is a bowl.

So a bowl is a bowling ball is just true or false.

one or zero? Yes or no.

So there's a bowling, right? So that is covered.

Let's save that.

So let's create a new file, click on Replace create a new file by clicking on New Okay, so this new fire we're gonna we're gonna add the variables.

So what are we was able to suggest how would I put them? I can say that like local storage is where we can store information for future use.

Let's take a look at how frequent comm has ever got basic logo unless such words are the boosts in program or let's make sure to name out research on your own.

Alright, so variables are data values can change when the user is asked a bunch of ends of the age variable may change during the program execution.


So that is to say, I have a variable assigned like age equals to 18, which is already assigned, they can decide to change the variable.

It's in the future.

Like I said, I call it a local storage that stores information for visual change and update anytime you wanted to.

Alright, so let's get acquainted variables.

So to create a variable we don't need to pass anything there.

We just need to assign our variable name assigning to what we want to pass it to.

So I'm going to assign X equals to five.

So once I did that, I can go ahead and do print x, again to see if five.


Because x is not equal to 5x is not equal to five, that I that we created, maybe it's not like JavaScript.

So you have to do either late for or const.

Cause to sorry, const const IQueryable, or PHP ReFS was assigned in the last slide.

No, you just have to give it your name on equals to assign it to the value on a party to nowhere under Name equals two.

We code comm so I know where I'm printing name.

I can see if we could company somewhere you can do addition or subtraction later zoo saw equals two plus two.

So those are so so yeah, R four.


So this is just variable in, in, in Python.

And a variable can either be an integer, which is a four.

So I did x equals five, it can be an event, which is second one we put on and it can be floats number, but annual, so f L equals 260 1.5.

And the council will be obliged to a poorly asleep or equals to true.

So we can get on Lasu.

Yeah, so I don't do if you're not you're gonna be looking at in the future.

So we can add this.

So the same way we did on everything we're gonna do type of x, type of x is equal to what is an integer? Exactly.

So we can also do it like that.

So variable just makes it easy for system information and make reference to it back.

Alright, so let's go ahead and save this.

And we've covered what the variables actually is.

So instead of going by the look at itself, so we have this last Oborne Do we go ahead and click on that? So alpha is the select for the lesson in this severe learning variable speed pipe.

Alright, so just so you know, our Python file is always saved as extension.

Right, good.

So let's want to look at is conditional statements in Python.

So we have is a type of punishment assist statement, we're gonna be looking at the if statement.

So before Arica See, I wrote an ash route and if so, this is a common tip.

This is your comment.

So a comment is a part of CODA does not get executed by should run this naughty comes on in square.

Because it's a comment of committed by virtue like, or comment this now.

Nicolas is going to be waiting.


I shall commence this.

It's going to be windy Rachel RONIS.

So should we get an error? Because I was a string.

I just wanted this and I wanted to only record which is actually wrong.

So we left square, I just commented it so that it doesn't run our code.

So the first one, if statements so this is just a conditional statement statement checking if a evil thing is less than 20 I want to do this.

If my morning is a morning is enough to get a MacBook Pro, I want you to buy it.

Today's idea so we can get on to critical morning.

Equals so right so 1000 and so if money is less than 5000 Sorry, yeah, in Python, we don't do brackets.

So it's it's also even one Lester 5000 Then we have to do this as a semicolon.

Click on enter it will auto index it for you.

If it doesn't, that means you have to specify for space 1234 ways also better it's always better to just put your colon on edges are doing that for you allzu friends need to save more so that's one is I can say I need to save my wife.

Because 1000 is actually less than 5000.

Alright, so eventually like changes to this.

I run this Yeah, not only do we have in this clip because our Python is good and and Zozo Alright, are we gonna Sorry, I'm saying.

So that is our if statement.

So that's an if statement.

I just tend to suppose that you Buddhism that argue is a more They are created equal.

No, you can't just passing by these 1000 around this cache of need to see what because 1000 is less than 2000.

It's always better to save it to a variable and just call it anytime you need it.

So the next one I'll be looking at is if else.

So else.

So now, the idea is that if the money, we're gonna push this, okay, if the money is less than 2000 onto the See, need to save more else, so we have to close this indication.

Who once is else else must be the level of the if they add the exclamation mark again, so it says sorry, nice.

Let me show my semicolon.

So the semicolon is called an indentation.

So it's great and visual force.

So the space below it, four spaces are indentation itself.

So this is 1234 is an indentation.

So it's mostly indebted for your cultural role because of actual abuse.

And I do print Yes, Crusher, run this, and I should.

Yeah, we've not get an error because the first code was actually true.

By which it was wrong.

I say this should be given an arrow.

Oh, sorry.

Okay, so let's run this.

As we get narrow.

I see.

It's better injected broke.

So it was no well injected.

It was in that head.


So let's bet on those two these.

Are you guys CBF? Yes.

So which is a buy merch book? Alright, good.

Okay, so let's buy another shirt.

This is to buy my book, because my money is actually higher than the zeros earlier.

So let us leave that.

So we also asked them to call a leaf.

So this is actually like, if the money is less than 1000 I need to say more.

LLC if the money is actually greater than 500 I need to do this themselves.

So I guess so let's get on to that.

So let's do must be in the same level as them.

So I'll leave morning.

Sorry, I'll leave money greater than 500 Georgia prints by HP.

So I shall run this.

Like I see.

By HP why? Because before so return the force that this was in true because our mornings I totally get under those Oh, boy did not now went to the second statement, which is money greater than 500 which is actually true because 1500 But if this is the second one is not true, then it's going to return the last one I should add is zero.

Yeah, make any 5000.

And I run this because it's random last one, which is the by MacBook.

Alright, so that is basically the idea of videos, pleasure and service.

So you can see this as on select further services and condition.

So a conditioner, that right? Alright, so that is that fellow.

So we're gonna be looking at it.

Let's take a look at how we can create lists in Python.

Alrighty, so to quit to list in Python, let's get a greeting variable called My Lists.

Sorry, my lists on the grid lists in Python we just have to impose to just create this brackets like I don't know why these brackets is called I think it's square brackets.

So we just need to create a spread bracket Guerra outsiders do up who was going to delete this we're gonna be able to regard a range banana Okay, so let's close that.

So as you get on those planes, my lists like obviously you can see we have the list printed out Okay, so we can actually check if this is the least kind of system because we can type Melissa Nancy, we are the last of these.

So this is the end of that.

Okay, so while you are trying to pass us to me it's actually got a list.

So now we get each of this list up there.

So we can go ahead and get it later somebody buy lists and selecting the first index by zero was equivalent to count is actually from zero so the apple is zero represent is represented as a zoo.

Why the orange general lawn white abandoned as Silla soup? Right that's actually are we counting program? Okay, good.

So I'm selecting the first thing this is apples which run these two We have an apple.

So the same way by show slave index of one of Warren in this case, which we have an arrange selected index of two in this case, shoving a banana, right basically that's how its works.

And we can also do something like chain check the lens of the least simple point lane.

Which is my least not sure this is your street.

You have got to be either straighter 123 It is actually 0123 Right? So I didn't actually another we can create a list ready to send con list it was to use a list keyword.

I think there's a password double curly brace, double brackets and Apple Apple lady soccer Zachary that arrange for inside Ida John uses Windows on check it so let's close this bracket.

Unless brains support this virtual run this.

Like I said, we are at least for us.

Let's actually check our confirm epitaxially at least.

Okay, so let's go ahead and we'll type right portable.

Secondly, Celestron this has to be a class of please.

So this is actually our epoch Waitlists in Python.

Right so let's say this, this is a crash course on Python.

If we need to go to the RAM Python, just head over to the Frisco comm China go down to the loss of six hours tutorial Python, you can exactly what he did there you can follow it's on your on your phone.

There is no there's no draw by there's not nothing, you can just do exactly one.

Let's see this as I'm released.

So the last thing I'm going to be checking in is, is on functions in our chosen knob.

Indices is an apology.

So we have the space sorry to feel the space.

So let's zoo on shores in Python.

The way to function in Python, we have to use the def keyword.

So this def keyword followed by the name of our function.

Let's see a low standard brackets see a low that pertains convenient and do discreetly sorry, not no bright returning.

So this is a print Yes, legit ello.

Much run this here.

So we have one that says I'm sorry, Toyota 2.8% noise.

So yeah, we are telling the bracket i I think I forgot that here in the brackets.

Every function is a parentheses around it.

So let's run this again.

So nothing happen.

Why because we need to return it.

So let's run through the beginning.

I think this was I think I was quoting PHP we need to return just have to see and we'll just type it out and run this so you can see we are led so that's where our opacity parameter in this capacity.

So we can do n Lu sorry ello gloss space Grace lib.

So we need to specify an initial run this now should get a little messy one required positional arguments, which is this page right? Okay, so we need to pass in something there.

So which is inside to see whether the passage string or same pressures run this.

Let's have a loquacious.

Now look at this, this plus plus plus plus is a little bit stressful.

There's an easy way you can do that by just using the F string which is the instructions to string and add a quotes in lieu.

Also, if I specify the variable which is the name like this includes database you run this you can see we have a lot of pressures.

We should add changes to life or you know for for identity person there will be returned back.

Yeah, before we forget.

Let's save this and I want to show you one last thing later on shawn.pi which are based on your last thing let's open our file.

Now this is super fine.

It is by two it's going up So this is a widget in lists.

So let's try to look through this.

So for i in my knees so we are looking at the for loop here for finding my list list Bruins friends, I should run this.

Likewise, we have a which has completed at apple, orange banana.

So as we create folly in, in our in Python, they also have why so you can see while while true brains Subscribe Now, if you run into this coupon post, it's actually true, there is no feedback, no tobacco not so it's just it's one source of guidance, experimental skips right away.

So you're actually does deep dive continue to be complete.

And again, like I said, there's a lot of Python tutorial, because it can when you look at look at rates.

Alright, so for the last part of this Moodle Academy, we are going to be looking at some data science or machine learning stuff that contributes in price.

We'll see you next time.

Alright, so now let's just dive into that.

So what we're gonna do is go to sample, my gun Butte under Application, or your app on your Android phone.

So I'm going to show you that right on an application.

But we can still do that with Python is in sunsweet Koala TV.

So this is a cubic yard ischemia load.

So let's go to open this.

So this is a simple TV application.

So we should run this now.

This is going to create a KB mobile application sample for us.

So this is just an award brought in on the screen.

Okay, sorry.

So you know, my internet connection is on so I keep saying this adds to this it.

So this returns important of fix hello world.

So there's a lot of actually samples there you can look into we have matplotlib for for data science or plotting data upon these to like install the matplotlib directory, the model the model.

So let's wait for us to install.

Our data can save as installed successfully.

So let's go back with our when I run this now, this has actually been created plot for Sonic scrape is matplotlib.

So you can see we are running multiple ad lib on our phone.

It is actually amazing.

consume these cotton to why you want to do with it.

Thus are these features here.

Right? You can also run TensorFlow for machine learning on your phone.

Yes, but you need to get the premium version.

So that is the only disadvantage is about that.

That's it.

So for Open CV and pytorch which is actually very, very well.

So we are cycling, which you can actually use for your machine learning.

So you can great I use this for machine learning to have this digit recognition recognize digits to classify you to classify digit.

So this is just classification algorithm in machine learning.

So this is going to classify it as a provision matrix.

And this is everything.

She wants to look into machine learning CARSTAR with psychically to just get something today you can move to like TensorFlow can go to a deep learning using pytorch or whatever you want to use.

Or the same area so if I gain I think the beauty is simple gaming is by game.

Yeah, I think it is fullscreen.

So let's extract these celestial and this is a Flappy Bird game due to its pi D model.


Flappy Bird games.

Let's just try this again.

Okay, so yeah, I think these are some of the gimmies for for.

Yeah, so that is actually it's good.

So you can see the car Marshal and he can do whatever you want to do.

I told you about building Android apps on your phone to build on top of your phone.

You need to install somebody's particular parish.

I'm not gonna ministers are gonna be showing it here.

But I'm gonna check it out sweet, nice tall sons we call Java, the Java and the GCS and they build up so this allows us to build Android applications on your phone can see for lousy viewed publication, so your phone the most popular one everyone uses is E ID.

To IDs chose for other developments allows up Android apps.

They don't have to tyrannical follow to learn out the new picket line employee development to occur when I studied.

I needed that.

I'd also want to like code Java to learn how to do this.

Around just started sketch wait so this is just a drag and drop stop as a logic I think yeah, I think he got removed from play store due to support like no fully support so you can go ahead and let's go to Chrome development stored on some other people website go ahead and download sketch where I think I have sketch with so worried Yeah, I don't have Skateway Alright, so about that is done then let's look at how you actually wrote some minus command food data is actually in su Attica I think you will enjoy it so go ahead and download samox diplomacy the man knocks the system show up on your on your phone.

So this is just it's right here so you can run and if you want to underneath so yeah, we have I think we have Yeah, we have begin to yell to insert the good package which is done by PKG so good.

I have actually run boombod So using samox on my phone before with the VNC Viewer, it's very well sweet do anything you can do Metasploit I need to go install kali linux use VNC I just want to the Tamannaah or whatever you want to use.

Then you can also use this on Linux based system to installed node j s we finally stopped by Todd stone will be no whales install roast just follow the line lock installation which is going to work on the firebox is as simple as that July 60s And last not least I'm going to be looking at in this video is our Eclipse to the games therefore so you want to call it game so your food pacifically through this you can use truck up so stock tab allows you to query to the application or to the games asset so you have these games so the only divided by the game that it's kind of lonely the people on the platform company again you can you can actually set your friends using a link without actually compile it as a as an application.

So if you like wire and let's test on this game you can see the amount of people the people that have played this game as 50,000 likes so let's play this game I see it totally works.

I think I should be able to detach my screen a little bit for the salute alright so this hazard Are you not able to hear the sound or something other than microphone right now.

A gotcha with games this exists a game created by somebody might also go ahead I quit your game Yeah, so there's no limit to actually what they can do.

Yes, I'm about dying and this came actually very very early but it's Elytis just listed ACLs just collide and placed later life ages I see what happened.


So did we wasn't is a saint.

Today just let us see.

Again photosystems in boom system.

Yeah, it's taking forever to duck and it's gonna quit again Alright, so you can explore this truck up create your own toilet again by just clicking on dude Yep, so this is something game I did for my YouTube video.

So that was actually apparently crazy new game or it can I use templates? I've lived with the templates edit them and make them interesting life for years arise so nice and solid all in this video.

I'm pleased this is my first time uploading a free campsite and when I'm showing support by ethanol to YouTube and no other school subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I have looked tutorials tutorials on coding of phone like the iPhone Android seven and if you want to put in your phone to today as please comments section and cheese See you next time thanks a Alright so before actually ended this video also grow up with a Android developer team on frequent comm by Mr.

Our Sequenza less Quincy alright.

Yeah, sapling see.

I'm sorry I'm pronouncing that wrong.

Yeah, so all the way in your frequent application has actually been created.

So awesome sense.

The preview mode so I'm going to explain how this works in this application.

So basically, this is also within the preview mode the application is still in progress.

So look I should have switched for a tone of voice and just you know it doesn't this letter to grid starts to get an idea daddy LPs are so they launch make sure you subscribe to it because the app is actually Banga.

So it actually has everything you need.

So this actually will be free could come application you So what it does is it fetches the Newsfield from the frequency itself.

So instead of like adding also physical card, it's called a default, you can basically just open difficult application in front and dive into what you want to read.

Or I saw this post by an AI iPhone at, you know, say this is a, this is actual posts that you can avoid.

And there's also other option where you can proclaim for offline use it.

So in case you want to read this, when you're offline, while you're not online, you can actually bookmark it.

And those going on Bookmark the link, open this in the browser, actually.

So this is going to open the arm in the blog post in the URL, you can see exactly what we have there is been open there.

So the app is still in progress.

So there's a lot so calm, you can see the news to the to the abdomen.

So this line is just a path on websites where you sign up to learn how to code for free, as it is called Free Code Camp, where you learn how to code for free.

So you can go and just get started.

Just log in and start using your mobile app sort of you to like, go to the websites have you done and then or, or when you're not in a laptop on your laptop battery's dead, like we are in Nigeria, there's no lights levied, if I just go ahead and use your mobile, the mobile application on your mobile phone, I just learn on the go.

So we also have podcasts where you can listen to podcasts.

You can also download podcasts.

Yeah, so this is sorting.


So I think that's all working on the podcast feature.


So we see, you see our progress, History and development process until we end with the end.

So like, I should have stayed on for you, there's gonna be out.

So you saw the video, where your life listen to radio actually don't know this called Radio? Are you listening to frequent COMP ON RADIO serve actually don't know.

But this is actually amusing.

So you listen to the 247 Music design for coding.

Okay, so this is I think, I think this is a music design for Korea.

So if you want to call it the type of songs you should be listening.

So I think this is what it is about.


Now as anomalous is a donate button.


So every little support you give.

So FICO comm epsilon.

So even though it's $5, so that was one $1.

an emoji donate is actually very good.

So let's go ahead and help apples, two more sets, you can see the app is actually good.

So we can see our bookmark here.

So sorry, the minute if I should go ahead and like bookmark this, I think I should be able to see the bookmark here on your back.

Alright, so the same way, I cannot just bookmark this.

Right, so it is not yet.


You can also search for articles.

So you can see this article here.

How to build a soccer club with real Thank you.


So these are the ones that I like about Freako camp is that it's as a safe intensive knowledge.

I literally don't see the reason why you should go out and buy courses where you can actually slip.

This, just a sample covers almost everything, react and say Firebase, Fastow, Redux and Expo? Yeah.

As opposed to be composite with an interest, basically, not as of six hours, five hours.

I don't know, this is actually an amazing start, if you want to build this application.

And in some way, there's a lot of things you can add JavaScript to write even good documentation or documentation or you're contributing to open source or you're building open source projects, you should be able to write documentation, or writing awkward notes.

Or like, at least that idea should be two lines of code.

Don't neglect requests, knowledge, also knowledge that you think are not necessary, don't it? Just add everything it's like it's possible to be added.

Alright, so yeah, exhausts being tested while you're writing a good documentation.

And yeah, everything you need is actually this basic.

It's actually this preset.

So the reason I chose finalizers for iPhone users, iOS users, yeah, there's a way you can actually put your phone when I was teaching web design in school.

Yeah, I actually installed a an application for iOS, just go to app store and search for code editor or HTML editor for Excel for just like the stimulator on your app store, or code editor.

So you're gonna see some code.

I use IDI SMSs, or Java scripts, or hopefully you see on our resume in Python or whatever.

Coyote or Anna Yeah, last time we talked about Pedro duty, then we can run Python.

Yeah, there's another way you can run Python.

So let's say you use Tom ox because you know, Thomas has been breaking down essentially, I think the is not arbitrary.

So the picket PKG is actually breaking down.

So what you're gonna do is stop by Tom Python, I think is actually breaking down.

So let's wait for this to finish up.

Okay, as you can see now what I'm seeing, so it's actually giving repositories on Amazon also it is down.


So it'd be done like that too.

And I've been trying to install packages that are like, no GS, Python with using PKG or APC stuff.

So that's why I recommend the are you actually using this on CD is actually fixed? Yeah, so it's fixed, don't worry, you get an update from it, then, let's go to play store.

There's an other way around this.

But the best way is actually to use a Python in case you don't want to use something that is being consumed special logic, I use q Python.

So Q Python is also is also a Python literal, you can see this.

So that's everything you actually need.

The same way the Pedro treats and this is just, it has less space.

Bob hydrator is more more advanced and needs.

Alright, so basically, that is all for this tutorial, and even need more of our code on phone.

Please don't forget to just comment down below, and I'll be able to look it up for you emulate me to be able to do up using using Django using Laravel is a Code Igniter for or your phone or even need a front end.

doesn't tie with CSS.


Which we will do.

The CDN says the node is not working.

The time works.

No, you should use the CDN.

So just comment down below and we'll see what we're doing sweet.

Alright, see you next time.