That's 8,000 years. That's a lot of learning.

2022 has been a massive year for the freeCodeCamp community. People around the world are using freeCodeCamp to expand their skills and advance their careers.

Here's a breakdown of site usage across the four main pillars of the freeCodeCamp community: /learn (the curriculum), /news (the publication), the community forum, and the community YouTube channel.

| Pillar  |    2020     |     2021      |     2022      |
| /forum  |  71,977,609 |   103,959,476 |   116,060,348 |
| /learn  | 308,290,683 |   471,104,018 |   622,195,468 |
| /news   | 246,329,943 |   331,995,923 | 1,196,199,035 |
| YouTube | 764,332,218 | 1,217,082,060 | 2,386,030,860 |
A table of freeCodeCamp's 4 "pillars" in total learner-minutes for 2020, 2021, and 2022

Note that all of these numbers come directly from Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics.

Also note that this does not include all the people who are using freeCodeCamp's Android app, quizzing themselves on, listening to Code Radio, or playing Learn to Code RPG.

It's wild to see so many people making use of our community's free learning resources. I have to pinch myself every year when I look at these numbers to prepare this report for you.

But then I remember the scale of the challenge. There are so many busy adults around the world who are trying to learn new skills.

People are teaching themselves how to use tools like SQL, Linux, spreadsheets, and scripting languages. They're improving their math skills and their workplace English skills.

The freeCodeCamp community still has so much room to grow, and so many learners we can help.

We'll continue to meet busy people where they already are. Helping them learn on their own schedule, after they've put the kids to bed or finished work for the day.


All 4 pillars of the freeCodeCamp community grew this year. After averaging 60% year-on-year growth in usage since 2016, we somehow managed to grow by more than 100% this year.

We first launched 8 years ago, and have now delivered nearly 10 billion minutes of instruction.

The closet office in my San Francisco Bay Area area apartment where I coded the first lines of the freeCodeCamp open source codebase back in October 2014. Update: I now have an entire room to work in. With a window.

At our current level of operational efficiency, every dollar you donate to freeCodeCamp provides dozens of hours of learning for people around the world.

I want to thank the hundreds of kind human beings who volunteered their time and talents to the community this year. Thank you. We've compiled a list of our 2022 Top Contributors.

I also want to thank the 8,384 kind people who are now donating to our charity each month. The average donation is $5, and this quickly adds up.

If you want to support our charity and our mission, become a monthly supporter. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so you may be able to deduct your donations from your taxes.

Me with the kids: Jocelyn and Quentin. They'll learn to code when they feel ready :)

Thanks again for being a part of the freeCodeCamp community. Have a fantastic holiday season.