2022 was a massive year for the freeCodeCamp community:

  • The community helped millions of people around the world learn math, programming, and computer science. We also helped them stay motivated and moving forward toward their goals.
  • We published thousands of tutorials and hundreds of free full-length video courses
  • We translated thousands of these free learning resources into many world languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Ukrainian, and many others.
  • We made progress on freeCodeCamp's free University Degree program, which will take many more years to develop but is well underway.

How did the community accomplish all of this? With help from thousands of kind human beings who volunteered their time and talents. I'm proud to award 696 of these prolific contributors with the status of Top Contributor 2022.

I have met with most of these people over the years. I can say without hesitation: these are among the most kind, thoughtful people I've met. I am deeply grateful for everything they're doing for the community.

We're jazzed to recognize everything they've accomplished this year.

I've broken this list down into 7 broad categories:

  1. Forum contributors. People who helped answer questions on the freeCodeCamp forum. They also gave people feedback on their coding projects, and helped keep the forum a friendly, inclusive place.
  2. Translation contributors. freeCodeCamp's curriculum is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Italian, Ukrainian, and German. And we're working on many other major world languages, too. These translation contributors are making all this possible.
  3. Publication contributors. We have more than 10,000 free tutorials on a vast array of programming topics. And it's all thanks to these kind people who research and write them.
  4. Codebase contributors. People who contributed code or instructional design to the main freeCodeCamp repositories on GitHub. As you may know, we have a massive 3,000-hour interactive curriculum, which we call /learn.
  5. DevDocs.io contributors. People who helped maintain and extend the free documentation search engine. If you haven't tried this, you should. It's super useful when coding, and lets you save documentation of more than 500 programming languages and libraries to your computer for offline access.
  6. Chapter contributors. We are building a free, self-hosted alternative for Meetup.com called Chapter. We have already started beta testing this with some freeCodeCamp study groups around the world.
  7. YouTube course contributors. The freeCodeCamp community also runs a YouTube channel with full-length courses on a wide variety of software engineering tools and concepts. We published more than 100 full-length courses in 2022 from dozens of contributors.

Many of these contributors are familiar faces. They've been contributing to our community's mission for years. And there are also plenty of new people who just recently discovered the community.

How You Can Get Involved in the freeCodeCamp Community in 2023

If you're interested in joining these kind people and contributing to freeCodeCamp's mission, we would welcome your help.

The most immediate way you can help is to start hanging out on the freeCodeCamp forum, answering people's questions there, and giving them feedback on their projects. You can join the forum here.

If you want to contribute to the freeCodeCamp curriculum, translations, and codebase, we have an entire guide on how to get started with this.

If you want to write helpful tutorials and publish them in freeCodeCamp's publication, here's our style guide, which includes steps for applying as an author. Please note that we are quite selective, but that if we do accept you as an author, you will get a lot of guidance from our editorial team.

And finally, if you want to contribute to the freeCodeCamp community YouTube channel, we are also quite selective. But we've written an entire handbook for how to create helpful videos on YouTube, which includes application instructions.

How We're Celebrating These Top Contributors

We're going to throw some big, in-person top contributor parties in major cities around the world.

Last time we did this, we had parties in New York City, Dublin, and Hong Kong. And when we're able, we'll try to do it in even more cities so more top contributors can participate.

We're also recognizing these contributors by adding a special Top Contributor 2022 badge to their freeCodeCamp public profiles.

We've organized this list by category of contribution. Note that many of these people contributed in several ways to the community.

Also note that a few of our contributors prefer to remain pseudo-anonymous, so you may see some silly names in here as well.

Finally, you may notice that several prominent people in the community are not on this list. That's because – thanks to the 8,384 kind community members who support us with each month with donations – we've had the resources to hire several of our top contributors. (I do almost 100% of our nonprofit's recruiting from this list of top contributors.)

If you want to help us hire more of these amazing people, consider donating to our nonprofit. Our staff is mostly made up of top contributors from previous years. Here's how you can support our mission.

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