freeCodeCamp is a US-based 501(c)(3) public charity. Our mission is to create free learning resources for people around the world.

There are 3 ways your organization can become a sponsor of freeCodeCamp and support our mission:

  • Become a Diamond Curriculum Sponsor
  • Become a Platinum Course Sponsor
  • Or become a Gold Sustaining Sponsor

Note that your gift may be tax-deductible.

Diamond Curriculum Sponsor ($1M and above)

A screenshot from freeCodeCamp's Relational Database curriculum, which teaches Linux, Git, and SQL. This curriculum involves experiential learning. Students learn by building 14 distinct projects. We created this curriculum with support from a grant from Class Central.

Support our nonprofit in the development of an entire interactive curriculum. We will teach a topic through experiential learning – right inside a code editor.

This will include:

  • more than a dozen interactive coding projects
  • conceptual slide decks
  • open source code repositories

The entire curriculum will be free and open source.

We will create an in-depth description of the curriculum, which we will use to publicize the curriculum through freeCodeCamp's extensive social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

This process usually takes about 9 months, and thousands of hours of research and instructional design.

We will prominently thank your organization for having created a grant that made this course possible. US laws do limit what we can say about sponsors, but we can share:

  • Your organization's name
  • Value-neutral descriptions of your products, services, or mission
  • Your logo and slogan
  • And we can link to your website

We will also feature you in our Hall of Sponsors, prominently displaying your logo and linking to your website.

As of 2022, we are currently developing two such curricula using grants from Diamond Curriculum Sponsors.

You can see an example of one such curriculum we developed in 2021 and continue to maintain: the freeCodeCamp Relational Database Certification.

Platinum Course Sponsor ($100K and above)

A full-length Open Telemetry course we created and published on freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel, with support from a grant from New Relic. Even though this open source library is an advanced DevOps topic, the video has garnered more than 120,000 views.

Support our nonprofit in the development of a feature-length video course, published and publicized through freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel.

As of 2022, our channel has nearly 5 million subscribers, and is the largest programming-focused channel on YouTube, with more than 14 million views per month.

We also create a text-based article, which we use to publicize the course through freeCodeCamp's extensive social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Thanks to freeCodeCamp's reputation for quality, it is common for these courses to rank well on both YouTube search and Google search (though we do not have direct control over these ranking algorithms).

As of 2022, we have developed dozens of courses using grants from Platinum Course Sponsors. Note that the larger the grant, the longer and more in-depth a course we can make. We have created courses that are 5 or 6 hours in length before – some of which have more than 1 million views on YouTube. Generally, the longer and more in-depth the course is, the better-received the course will be.

You can see an example of one such course we developed in 2021: freeCodeCamp's Open Telemetry course.

Gold Sustaining Sponsor ($12K and above per year)

If you organization wants to sponsor our nonprofit's day-to-day operations, we welcome sustaining donations.

We will proudly display your organization's logo in our Hall of Sponsors, along with a link to your website.

How to Sponsor freeCodeCamp or Learn More About Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have questions about sponsorship, you can reach out to freeCodeCamp's founder, Quincy Larson, directly by email or direct message him on Twitter.