There are many core concepts that are important for all programmers to understand, no matter what programming language they use. We've released a 2-hour video course to teach the basics of computer science. The concepts taught apply to all programming languages.

This course is meant for people who are interested in computer science and programming but have little background information on coding. It was developed by Steven and Sean from NullPointer Exception.

This course teaches the answers to all these questions:

  • What is programming?
  • How do we write code?
  • How do we get information from computers?
  • What can computers do?
  • What are variables?
  • How do we manipulate variables?
  • What are conditional statements?
  • What are arrays?
  • What are loops?
  • What are errors?
  • How do we debug code?
  • What are functions?
  • How can we import functions?
  • How do we make our own functions?
  • What are ArrayLists and dictionaries?
  • How can we use data structures?
  • What is recursion?
  • What is pseudocode?
  • How to choose the right language?

You can watch the course below or on the YouTube channel.