Start asking "How?"

At one point or another, we're all held back by limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs-Self-destructive ideas that we hold true.

I Just Can't

Some examples, often the cause of impostor syndrome, include

  • I can't apply, my resume's not ready!
  • I can't get this job!
  • I can't teach this subject!
  • I can't run a business!

These types of statements don't just severely limit your career, they limit your whole life! How are you ever going to get ahead if you keep doubting yourself like this?

Many of us are so used to saying "I can't" that we've forgotten how damaging it is. Not only are you admitting defeat, but you're absolving yourself of accountability. You want to change but insist on staying in your position, which is lazy and an insult to your true potential.

No hard feelings, I sometimes do it too ?

Fortunately we may have a simple solution. Look closer at those statements, what's the killer common word? Can't.

Change That One Word

If you share this struggle with me, let's try following one simple rule.

Stop saying "can't". Start asking "how".

Now let's refactor our previous statements in light of this new rule.

  • How can I get my resume ready?
  • How can I get this job?
  • How can I teach this subject?
  • How can I run a business?

We've immediately unlocked some benefits.

  1. Ditched the victim mentality and stopped pitying ourselves.
  2. Turned limiting phrases into empowering and thought-provoking questions.
  3. Reprogrammed our minds to navigate around limiting beliefs.

This is a much stronger position to be in. Now you're ready to start brainstorming solutions to your problems and continue climbing that ladder into the sky.

This Works Everywhere

If saying "I can't" limits things outside your career, then asking "how" will enhance things outside your career.

It could be spirituality, fitness, finance, networking, or any other kind of personal development. This one word will push you beyond those who give up and help you shatter the beliefs that hold you back.

Go forth and crush it. You got this ?

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