Dr. Radu is one of the most popular machine learning instructors on the Internet. And now he is back to teach AI and Neural Networks for beginners in an intuitive way.

We just posted Dr. Radu's newest course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel. It's designed to provide a hands-on experience, different from traditional Machine Learning courses.

In this course you'll get the chance to adjust network parameters yourself, helping a car learn to drive in a custom playground. This course is great for both beginners and those wanting to deepen their AI knowledge. With Radu's expertise, spanning over ten years in machine learning and AI, you'll get insights into why it's crucial to master the basics, even when complex models are readily available.

The course covers key topics like Neural Networks' math, the role of hidden layers, and Dijkstra's algorithm for pathfinding. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of AI fundamentals and hands-on experience in tweaking AI behavior.

Here's what the course includes:

  • A warm welcome and course introduction
  • Exploring the AI playground
  • Understanding the function of a single neuron
  • Clearing up common AI misconceptions
  • Lessons on genetic algorithms, input layers, and hidden layers
  • Diving deep into AI outputs, traffic rules, and sensor use
  • Learning about the shortest path necessity and updating self-driving car code
  • Detailed lessons on Dijkstra's Algorithm and its application in AI
  • A final challenge to test your new skills

Dr. Radu thought of the idea for this course a few years ago when he saw a 3Blue1Brown video. In the video about Neural Networks, Grand from 3Blue1Brown described a 'fun' and 'horrifying' thought experiment of imagining setting weights and biases of a neural network by hand. Well, get ready for a fun and horrifying course where you will learn how to set weights by hand in a custum created playground.

Watch the full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (4-hour watch).