We believe that everyone deserves to have free programming education in their own native language. So we are expanding International Translation Day (September 30th) into a full month-long effort.

Over the past few years, hundreds of volunteer contributors have worked to translate freeCodeCamp into major world languages. In February, Quincy announced that freeCodeCamp had successfully launched both Spanish and Chinese editions. And Portuguese and Italian soon followed.

During World Translation Month, we will celebrate what we have achieved collectively – and what we will accomplish for everybody around the world. Watch this one-minute announcement video:

If you are interested in participating in translating freeCodeCamp into any world language, you can visit our contributors channel and learn more.

Latest Translation Accomplishments

Today, we have successfully launched the Italian and Brazilian Portuguese curriculum. We are eager to see what is to come for these active communities.

And the Ukrainian community has really taken off in their translation efforts. They have eight certifications fully translated and two close to 100%, almost all completed within a month. It is remarkable to witness the dedication and perseverance every language community has shown.

We have multiple other communities and individuals who are translating the curriculum to their native languages. You can take a look at the current statuses of all the active translations and their progress here.

Current Translation Progress

World Language Docs + Curriculum
Afrikaans 2%
Arabic 40%
Bengali 2%
Catalan 2%
Chinese 86%
Czech 21%
Danish 20%
Dutch 32%
Finissh 21%
French 57%
German 79%
Greek 2%
Hebrew 2%
Hindi 14%
Hungarian 1%
Indonesian 27%
Italian 90%
Japanese 35%
Korean 1%
Norwegian 20%
Persian 3%
Polish 22%
Portuguese, Brazilian 95%
Portuguese, Portugal 1%
Romanian 54%
Russian 64%
Spanish 79%
Swahili 1%
Swedish 24%
Tamil 35%
Telugu 5%
Turkish 7%
Ukrainian 100%
Vietnamese 6%

Currently, volunteers around the world are in the process of translating freeCodeCamp's curriculum into 28 world languages.

And many of these world languages are showing significant progress, especially the French, Romanian, Japanese, and German-speaking communities. Keep up the great work!

What is the Goal of the World Translation Month Event?

freeCodeCamp's goal is to give every individual the tools to translate the curriculum into their native language. Also, we will dedicate all our efforts and time to this event to reach significant progress for every world language.

We have witnessed what a handful of contributors can do together with a singular purpose. And we hope that World Translation Month will become a yearly event when all world languages can celebrate having access to free programming education translated by their community for their community.

Our Reward System 🥇

freeCodeCamp wants to make this a memorable event for every contributor who participates.

During the WTM event, we will give all participants a World Translation Month Badge. Also, at the end of the event, we will present special badges to the Top Translators and Top Proofreaders who have made the most contributions.

You can display these badges on your freeCodeCamp curriculum and forum profiles if you want to do so.

2021 World Translation Month badges

The freeCodeCamp Localization Roadmap

The freeCodeCamp curriculum is already available in Chinese and Spanish. And beyond this, these communities have many other resources at their disposal, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of contributors.

For example, the Chinese-speaking community has translated nearly all the certifications into Chinese. They also have close to 600 articles translated, there are 10 of freeCodeCamp's video tutorials with subtitles on Bilibili, and they've organized hundreds of meetups, hackathons, conferences, live coding events, and coding workshops in universities and high schools.

freeCodeCamp bilibili 频道

The Spanish-speaking community has the first two certifications available in Spanish, and they've translated around 250 articles. Community members have also written about 20 original articles, created 3 original full-length video tutorials, and Estefania has created 24 short videos for the Spanish YouTube channel.

The response from the Spanish-speaking community has been remarkable on YouTube and Twitter. Thanks to the fantastic job Estefania has been doing by engaging with the community with posts and short videos on YouTube, the channel now has over 12,000 followers. And freeCodeCamp's Twitter account en Español has reached 7,300 followers while continuing to grow.

YouTube Channel freeCodeCamp en Español
Twitter freeCodeCamp en Español

The Translation Blueprint

As Quincy mentioned in the World Language Translation Effort article, freeCodeCamp's "...long-term goal is for each of these language communities to come into its own."

And we'll take the same steps as we took with the thriving Spanish-speaking and Chinese-speaking communities with other language communities around the world.

The plan is to launch a localized publication, YouTube Channel, sub-forum, and Twitter account for these language communities, each with their own contributors and staff.

Thank You to All the Translators, Contributors, and Proofreaders!

I want to finish up by thanking the proofreaders and translators who have dedicated hours upon hours to translating and proofreading.

Active Translators

Translator World language Translated strings
Aziz Meknassi Arabic 4
Damani Salah Eddin Arabic 18
elmadhdi1962 Arabic 4
fatima Arabic 2
Rundi Wadi Arabic 6
Raihan Mahmud Bengali 29
@llam0x Chinese 31
Alan Luo Chinese 42
Chengjun.L Chinese 49
Simon Yang Chinese 1
Wivi Chinese 70
ztftrue Chinese 1
Hana Klingová Czech 27
johmar Dutch 200
cbnrd French 43
David Heusler French 109
Julien Li French 235
Mariefay French 14
Rémy Beumier French 1
srassay2 French 1
Andrew Russell German 28
AW German 80
Martin Seibert German 1
Philipp R. Proksch German 3
Philipp S German 310
Vairus Greek 1
Vairus Greek 1
Ami Hebrew 28
bachdor24 Hebrew 4
Japmohan kumar Hindi 1
adh Indonesian 299
Danang Aprias Noor Fadilla Indonesian 46
Dyah Achwatiningrum Indonesian 168
Hendra Bangun Dwi R Indonesian 8
Rifqi Indonesian 1
wardhen Indonesian 105
iuri86 Italian 10
Emi Japanese 7
Julie Park Korean 19
Sewook Han Korean 4
m_golzar Persian 8
najme Persian 337
Jakub Siwik Polish 27
BrainMath Portuguese, Brazilian 10
Clovis Goulart Portuguese, Brazilian 340
Cássio Barth Portuguese, Brazilian 1
Felipe Santos Portuguese, Brazilian 8
Isabella Lima Portuguese, Brazilian 3
Jualianaluzia Portuguese, Brazilian 36
Rick Portuguese, Brazilian 2
Silvano RM Portuguese, Brazilian 17
Clovis Goulart Portuguese, Portugal 37
Pedro Goncalves Portuguese, Portugal 65
Ghenadie Tofan Romanian 233
Alexander Filëv Russian 82
Beloze Russian 26
Cherepnin Russian 97
Corrector Russian 53
Helge Kim Russian 5
Pavel Ryazantsev Russian 7
Виктор Сударинен Russian 1
Тимофей Рассолов Russian 130
Abel Campos Spanish 13
Alvaro Agamez Spanish 120
Andres Spanish 2
Christian Caracach Spanish 13
David Choi Spanish 213
devsiderio Spanish 7
Erik Spanish 4
Hernan David Cuy Salcedo Spanish 20
Javier Coronado Velasques Spanish 372
JorgeT Spanish 2
Karlos Arroyo Fernandez Spanish 6
Luis Carlos Figueroa Veliz Spanish 10
Martin Diaz Spanish 1
Rumen Zaechki Spanish 6
Santiago Correa Alvarez Spanish 18
Santiago Correa Alvarez Spanish 18
Sergio Fdez Spanish 12
Sofiapicco Spanish 2
Ulises Lopez Spanish 12
Chaandha Raghav Tamil 128
Raviraj Subramanian Tamil 7
Kubilaycitak Turkish 18
Mehmet Emin Eraslan Turkish 2
Alina Bovsunivska Ukrainian 217
alina_farafonova Ukrainian 15
alx_man_ Ukrainian 122
Anastasia Trius Ukrainian 304
Anastasia_k Ukrainian 131
Angelina Yaremchuk Ukrainian 242
Anna Verbytska Ukrainian 183
anna.linevych Ukrainian 106
anya_filipchuk Ukrainian 1
coolakova Ukrainian 185
Cофія Назарчук Ukrainian 199
Daria Deinekina Ukrainian 156
Darina Gorichenko Ukrainian 373
DarinaMilova Ukrainian 168
Daryna Ukrainian 270
Diana Ukrainian 169
Dmytro Zubenko Ukrainian 496
Doctorplague Ukrainian 110
Inga Usenko Ukrainian 1
Iryna Lobko Ukrainian 212
Ivan Adamchuk Ukrainian 366
Ivanka_Kvasna Ukrainian 202
Julia Serbinenko Ukrainian 283
K_Katrina_A Ukrainian 36
Kateryna_sk Ukrainian 410
Katya Belikova Ukrainian 190
Khristina Konvaliuk Ukrainian 91
Liubov Kot Ukrainian 9
Maria Gaidarzhy Ukrainian 162
Mariana Minko Ukrainian 319
Maryna Moroz Ukrainian 124
minkaffe Ukrainian 262
Nata Ukrainian 143
Nataliia Mykolyshyn4 Ukrainian 314
nathuzovata Ukrainian 257
ol_kvasna Ukrainian 198
Olena Tyshkevych Ukrainian 321
olena.karpina Ukrainian 209
olia-k Ukrainian 228
Pavlo Tiupa Ukrainian 320
Roksolana Khanas Ukrainian 313
Solomia2108 Kotiai Ukrainian 330
Solomiia Stupak Ukrainian 228
SOPHIE_20861 Ukrainian 17
Sophiya Ukrainian 349
tetiana_kinashchuk Ukrainian 272
vdenyssko Ukrainian 164
Viktoriia Farenyk Ukrainian 353
Viktoriia_Shoptenko Ukrainian 79
vitka-kvitka Ukrainian 199
Yaroslav Stryhun Ukrainian 291
yulialutsenko Ukrainian 2
Zhandm Ukrainian 26
Аліна Соловій Ukrainian 334
Андрій Андрійович Сукнацький Ukrainian 271
Андрій Біленко Ukrainian 275
Богдана Вознюк Ukrainian 6
Вікторія Мельник Ukrainian 145
Дарія Фадєєва Ukrainian 210
Кристина Єщенко Ukrainian 59
Таня Щадило Ukrainian 339
Тимофей Рассолов Ukrainian 1
Тоня Маркиш Ukrainian 98
Ілона Єщенко Ukrainian 67
Anushah Nadir Urdu 17
Sharaf A Urdu 12

Active Proofreaders

Name World language Translated strings Approved strings
Miya Liu Chinese 17 125
Christophe Thomas French 295 47
Gaelle Tjat French 49 177
Stephan Düsterhöft German 1067 1141
Michaelsndr German 502 630
Dicky Giancini Indonesian 18 208
Andrea Ros Italian 5 52
Ilenia Magoni Italian 362 18
alevanni19 Italian 11
sidemt Japanese 116
Daniel Rosa Portuguese, Brazil 1328 1737
Ricardo Passos Portuguese, Brazil 77
Sam_3877 Romanian 951
Juan Carrillo Spanish 240 1950
Bohdana Vozniuk Ukrainian 2

Also, thank you to all the proofreaders and participants in the World Translation Month video:

If you are interested in participating in translating freeCodeCamp's curriculum into any world language, you can visit our contributors channel and learn more.