The freeCodeCamp curriculum currently offers eleven certifications.

In early 2022, we launched the redesigned Responsive Web Design certification, and a new Relational Database certification. Both are project-based, and include a lot of repetition as you build practice projects in preparation for the required certification projects.

You can tackle these certifications in any order you want, but we've laid them out the way we recommend going through them.


There are eleven freeCodeCamp certifications:

Each certification should take approximately 300 hours to complete and includes 5 required projects, while the other challenges are optional.

What's Next

We're working on a lot of exciting updates and additions to the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

We're redesigning the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures and Front End Development Libraries certifications to follow the project-based approach of the new Responsive Web Design certification.

There's also the new Data Science curriculum, which will cover advanced mathematics and machine learning.

Associate Android Developer Certification

This is a great way to test your Android skills and get certified by none other than Google. The link to the certification and its details are here.

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