One year has passed since freeCodeCamp held our first World Translation Month in September 2021.

Well, it’s September again – and here we are for the second installment of this month-long event. freeCodeCamp is holding our World Translation Month for the second year in a row, taking place September 6th and running through the rest of the month.

What is World Translation Month?

World Translation Month is an initiative held by freeCodeCamp to help translate freeCodeCamp's curriculum into as many world languages as possible.

The event welcomes new localization contributors and thanks those who are already helping in the translation process.

During the inaugural event last year, freeCodeCamp held a Twitter Spaces session. During that session, we got to chat with contributors. We helped a lot of new people get started translating freeCodeCamp into their native language.

Rafael, the leader of the translation effort worldwide, published this article announcing the event. It provides some data on the efforts of translation up to that point.

You can also watch this short video that contains messages from contributors all around the world about what World Translation Month means to them and how they're helping out.

Translation Progress to Date

So much has happened in the twelve months since then. We've gotten contributors from many different languages. For example, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Ukrainian now have the whole curriculum translated.

Others have started the process of translating the first three core certifications – Responsive Web Design (in its latest version), JavaScript, and Front-End Libraries – like Arabic, Bengali, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Persian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu.

freeCodeCamp's certifications translated to Italian and Japanese (above), Portuguese and Ukranian (below).

The community has also changed our focus a bit. This year, we made the decision to shift our attention to the freeCodeCamp publication. We've started translating our most popular tutorials into other world languages

We've now published these tutorials in many languages. Already, we have 475 articles in Spanish and over 1,000 articles in Chinese.

Portuguese has around 350 articles, and Italian has more than 200 articles translated.

The Japanese, Bengali, Arabic, and Urdu news sections have also been producing more and more translations for their publications.

This does not mean we are leaving the curriculum behind. In fact, both tasks are happening concurrently. Some contributors are focused on the curriculum, while others assist with the translation of the articles.

A Change in Our Communication Channels

We've also changed how we communicate with our localization contributors. In June, we moved our chat rooms that we use to communicate with our contributors to our community Discord server.

This made it easier to interact with contributors. It has also helped them interact more easily with each other as well as with other members of the community who are learning to code.

The chat rooms for translations are under Localization, as seen in the image below:

Localization chat rooms on the fCC Discord server

If campers need help with the curriculum in general, they can still ask questions on the freeCodeCamp Forum.

We have also set up sections in the different languages on the Forum to help people who have doubts during their journey across the curriculum but find it hard to ask their questions in English.

Several localized sections of the fCC forum are now available

The Goal of World Translation Month

The goal of the World Translation Month is twofold:

  • to thank our contributors for all they've been doing to bring freeCodeCamp to as many world languages as possible, and
  • to invite more contributors to be part of our translation effort.

Quincy published an article in June where you can read about how to reach out to us to offer your translation assistance.

We would also like to show our appreciation to our contributors who have taken their time to produce more and more texts in their languages. These translated curricula and articles make it possible for people around the world to learn to code in their native language.

World Translation Month Badges

This year, we will once again give out badges to the contributors who have helped us translate articles for the publication throughout the month. Even though articles may vary in size, we understand that each one requires a ton of effort.

Translating articles is quite different from translating the curriculum. Contributors can translate a few strings in the curriculum and stop contributing. But each contributor is responsible for an entire article once they decide to translate it. So contributors begin and end the translation of articles they choose, something they excel at.

During the World Translation Month event, we will give all participants who have contributed throughout the month a World Translation Month Badge.

Also, at the end of the event, we will present special badges to the Top Translators who have made the most contributions in the month of September.

You will be able to display these badges on your freeCodeCamp forum profile if you want to do so.

Thank You to All the Translators, Contributors, and Proofreaders!

If you would like to help translate freeCodeCamp's curriculum into any world language, visit our contributors’ channel on Discord, and read Quincy’s article on how to contribute and learn more.

If you are part of this initiative and have contributed by volunteering to bring freeCodeCamp's vast resources to your native language, thank you! We offer our heartfelt gratitude and wishes that the process has helped you learn and has been fun for you. Keep up the great work!